Curt Sanchez, Esq., the firm's founder, grew up in Gainesville, Georgia, where he spent the vast majority of his childhood, but relocated to Palm Beach County, Florida in 2007 to embark on his legal career.

After high school, Mr. Sanchez received a soccer scholarship to Young Harris College in the beautiful north Georgia mountains.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia and then earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, from the University of North Georgia.  While earning his Master’s degree, Mr. Sanchez also worked full-time as a planning consultant with the Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center, was engaged in local politics, and also served as techincal/tactical trainer for several youth select soccer teams of Lanier Soccer Association.

Next, he earned his Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University-College of Law, in Atlanta, Georgia.  During both graduate and law schools, he was active in the student governments, holding offices in those governing bodies.  Having a background in land use planning, environmental policy and regulation, during law school he worked with the Office of Counsel of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 4 Headquarters (criminal enforcement division), as well as that of the South Florida Water Management District in the areas of environmental regulation and administrative law.

After completing law school, Curt returned to Palm Beach County, Florida, and began working as a Law Clerk/Staff Attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida.  There, he assisted both the County and Circuit Court Judges of Palm Beach County with all aspects of trial court proceedings, including researching legal issues, writing legal memoranda and trial court orders, as well as preparing bench briefs and appellate orders/opinions for appellate proceedings before the Circuit Court.  That experience provided a unique look into the internal operations of the Florida Courts system.

Following that judicial clerkship, Curt became a Staff Attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. where he represented, often overlooked, residents of Palm Beach County in a wide range of legal matters, the majority of which involved fair housing and family law matters.  There, Curt honed his trial advocacy skills, handling large numbers of cases, often involving highly-contested matters in litigation.  Curt still handles pro bono cases via LASPBC from time to time.  Immediately prior to founding this law firm, Curt worked with a well-respected, local, litigation law firm, where, in addition to carrying a full trial level caseload, he was involve in multiple appeals which resulted in changes to Florida's already large body of family law case law.

Our team understands well the responsibility that our clients bestow upon us when hired to provide legal representation.  That responsibility is never taken lightly and always remains at the forefront of the firm's advocacy.  In sum, The Law Offices of Curt Sanchez, P.A. ensures its clients that we will remain dedicated to your cause and will work diligently to do all possible, within the ambit of applicable law, to achieve the desired outcome as efficeintly as possible.