Firm Mission


The attorneys of the Law Offices of Curt Sanchez, P.A. handle a wide array of legal matters, ranging from the broad, but intricate, practice areas of family law to business, commercial, and property law litigation -- both at the trial and appellate levels.  With a diverse practice background, our firm has the knowledge and experience to achieve desired results efficiently for our clients, and it is our mission to do just that. 

We recognize that people and business entities generally prefer to avoid legal disputes, which often means long, drawn out, and expensive litigation.  We also understand that such disputes are inevitable at times, and when so, people and business entities generally desire to conclude their legal matters as quickly as possible; therefore, we immediately focus on our clients’ goals and desired outcomes, and work directly with them to carefully craft a strategy to achieve those goals and outcomes as efficiently as possible. 

When litigation is avoidable, we work with our clients to negotiate or engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach an expeditious and effective solution.  When litigation is unavoidable, however, our firm will guide you and manage your matter through zealous advocacy for the desired outcome, so that you/your business can continue on with your day-to-day activities.  In such cases, our experience equips us to handle litigation from inception through trial, and beyond, into the appellate process when/if necessary.